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Friday, June 17, 2016

ETSY CRAFT PARTY : DIY place card holders!

From June 17 to 19, it's time to celebrate the creativity around the world, in occasion of Etsy birthday!
Share all your craft creations around the world by tagging them with #etsycraftparty.

I want to share a lovely tutorial to make beautiful place card holders, perfect for a wedding, a spring party, a birthday, a baby shower... a cute idea you can realize if you are planning to participate to a craft event or if you will make a creative project at your home.

Spring place card holders


- Scraps of felt in different colors
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
- Small straw hats
- Needle and thread
- Cardboard

1- Cut 2 stripes of felt, one to fix around the small hat with hot gun and another to make a bow

2- Fix the bow on the back of the hat with the hot glue (be careful not to burn yourself!)



Cut a stripe of felt, 1.2" wide and 4" long

Bend it

Start rolling it to make the centre of the rose

Fix it with hot glue

Cut the petals, you will need 8 petals to make two roses, you don't have to be precise while you're cutting the petals, they will look good anyway

Fix all the 4 petals around the rose with hot glue

A very cute rose is ready!


Cut a stripe of felt 1.2" wide and 9.5" long, cut some triangle shapes as in the following picture

It's the time to use needle and thread to curl up the stripe, to create the sunflower

Cut a round shape from the brown felt and fix it in the centre of the sunflowers with hot glue


This is the shape to cut from the green felt to make the roses leaves

Fix it under the rose with the hot glue

For the sunflower

Fix all the flowers and leaves on the small hat as you prefer and add the cardboard with the name

What creative projects are you doing?
Let's craft!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Custom pet cake topper for your wedding!

As a dog lover myself and as a mom of a beautiful puppy I know that pets are so important to us, they are true members of ours families, so they deserve to be part of our wedding day.
The dog and cat weddings cake toppers can be ordered in my Etsy shop:
DOG & CAT Cake toppers

If you desire to include to include your best friends in the decorations for your special day, an hand made cake topper inspired by your pets pictures is a very creative and personalized way to do it!!

It's a true artwork, a keepsake you will treasure for a lifetime.

Here are some examples of cake toppers I made for my customers around the world, they sent me pictures of their dogs and cats and I created their custom figurines.

The very cute Bernese and Bulldog cake topper I created for Ashley and Joe's wedding!

The Bulldog cake topper fashioned after the adorable Stella

Pointer dog wedding cake topper, so cute with the chef hat!

Some lovely Beagle cake toppers:

Cavalier King Charles dog cake topper, this is personalized with an heart base

And the unlikely bride and dog groom!

Would you like your best friends to be part of your big day?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Robot groom and unicorn bride wedding cake topper!

I'm very happy to introduce you a new cute couple, with a touch of fantasy and sci-fi, for a very original wedding cake topper!

A Robot groom with an Unicorn bride:

All the cake toppers are totally hand made by me and completely customizable!

The banner can be colored too, in the color palette of the wedding

With a rainbow unicorn bride...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ian and Becky's wedding

Last year I had the honor of making the owl cake topper for Ian and Becky, now their beautiful wedding is featured on Wed magazine and on Juno&Joy blog!


Photos by June&Joy

For their owls I used poppy red for the details and I made a bouquet of poppies, anemones and roses for the bride, groom is wearing a bean hat, they both have blue eyes.

Wed Magazine