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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My very first miniature house!

Today I want to share with you images of my very first miniature house.
I modeled it about 10 years ago when I started using clay, is definitely not to scale, and many things I would change now, I would model them in different ways, but I am very fond of it, because it was the first and from there came  my great passion for polymer clay!
It is composed entirely of objects modeled by hand by me or recycled objects found here and there, like small pieces of fabrics, parts of little chains come from broken jewelry, flowers from favors, pieces of glass mosaics, wire, pieces of golden ribbons from Christmas, cartboard, plastic sheet…
Even the wooden structure that accomodate the house is recycled. It is an old drawer I found in the attic of my maternal grandmother

Here is the front of the house, I added flowers pot under painted windows, a balcony and a door with the number “16”. This number is a tribute to my grandmother's house which is located precisely at 16.

This is the interior of the house:

Let’s see rooms in details.

A bed with a white crocheted blanket, a window where you can see a bird on a branch, a cute armchair, a screen, a painted wardrobe and paintings and candlesticks on walls.

Bathroom: a comfortable bathroom with everything that can serve!

Sitting room: with a comfortable pink sofa, a lovely fireplace and a roching chair, many books and paintings on walls.

 An old style kitchen:

On the roof there is a garden and an attic:

This house has been a hobby for months, until I decided that I would not have added anything more, and was great fun building it and here comes my love for miniatures!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My penguins, my frogs, my halloween house and my custom dog portrait featured on Cute Everything!!

I found this cute and lovely site:

This is the link:

Michelle is looking for all cutest things to share each days! 
I'm so honored to be featured in this blog, thank you so much Michelle!!
If you love cute ideas from all over, crafts, videos, images, must follow this blog!

Seals and Penguins Cake Toppers!

Today I would love to show you the cake toppers I modelled thinking about winter weddings, but are good for all seasons if you fall in love with them!! :)

First of all this seals cake topper!
This adorable couple of seals bride and groom are on their island of love, that is the cake topper base!

It is a snow base decorated with white roses and shaped to accomplish the two figurines, its diameter is 4,7” (12cm). Under the base is made of plastic that can stay in contact with food.

Seal bride is wearing a white skirt, a tiara with a tulle fixed with white roses, a bow with a crystal and also crystal earrings!

Seal groom has a tie and a black bowler hat.
Sizes: seals are about 2,2” tall and 3,5” from head to tail.

The protagonists of the second cake  topper are two cute penguins!
The snow base (4,7”-12cm) is full of glitter and has white flowers, every one with a crystal inside!
Figurines are not fixed to the base so you can choose to position them the way you like more.

Penguin groom has a black bow, is already elegant because penguins always wear a tuxedo!
Penguin bride has a tulle decorated with flowers and crystals and a precious bouquet!

Sizes: penguins are about 2,5” (6,5cm) tall and 2”(5,5cm) large.

A personalized banner with names and date complete both cake toppers. 

It was great fun to give life to these two cute couples!

For orders and info, please visit my shop:
and contact me to
Thank you!!

Here it is some pictures of the work in progress!

Penguins work in progress...


Seals work in progress..


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Custom yorkshire portrait...Kitty!

Kitty is a miss, a little haughty, crafty, unpredictable!
She is madly in love with her owner, but very selective with other people, one day licks your fingers and the next day tries to bite you.
Kitty is a princess with pink dresses with ribbons and decorated with Swarovski, a small wardrobe expensive and sophisticated. She travels a lot in a motorhome with her owners and has seen many countries, often in a pouch made ​​for her.
I tried to make her character on the canvas, as reported by the owner, with her sweet little muzzle but with her teeth always ready!

I used the white background as requested by the customer to highlight only the dog, but you can choose any colors and settings for the background.
The customer has remained enthusiastic and made ​​me one thousand compliments, many thanks to the customer!

I painted the portrait on canvas with acrylics, canvas is 12” x 16”, customer also decided for a wooden frame, gold and spotted, the final size of the portrait is 14.5” x 18.5”(37x47cm)

Kitty’s photo that the customer sent me

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Etsy treasuries!

I have just returned from holiday, more tanned and relaxed!...
And ready to create many new things for my shop!
I hope that you too have had a wonderful holiday!!

My roombox with the bears bedroom has been featured in this beautiful Etsy treasury all dedicated to the little world of miniatures!
Thanks to Dollsandbunnies!

My siamese cat portrait on a blue background has been featured in this cute and lovely treasury with our friends cats!
Thanks to ExoticTreasureJewel!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

On holiday!!

will be on holiday next week, so my shop is on vacation untill 14 August.
Finally go to the sea!!

I need to hear the sound of the waves, swimming, diving, and have fun!
But will not be a break from my work, because it is my passion, so I will bring colors and canvas to paint some landscapes by the sea!

Happy holiday to all!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hand made room box for 2 lovely, little bears!

his is a wood box that I have I turned into this lovely room for two little bears,a boy and a girl, as you can see it's very rich of details hand made with great love and care, from modelling clay. It is a work that requires patience and attention but I had lot of fun doing this!

 The image of the entire little bedroom:

Hand made roombox with bears

It's a prefect gift for a newborn baby, it can be hung on the wall( has two little hooks) in a nursery or in a child room, or put on display on a shelf, on a nightstand or a dresser...To give a touch of sweetness to a child's room, for a boy or a girl!
Or simply if you love it!

Some pictures of room's details:
The closet where hangs a sweet white dress, some toys, some towels, a hat, blue and pink shoes and a mini  white and blue onesie with a cap...

Bears closet!

The bed and the shelves with bottles and baby creams…

Bears bed!

This cute, lovely, unique, hand made creation is on sale in my Etsy shop:

Boxroom sizes:  8,5"x7"x1,57"