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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A traveling textile co-design installation by Etsy Netherland

I think this co-design community project by Etsy Netherland looks really exciting!
They want to make a big textile installation of small artpieces made by Etsy shop owners.
This big artwork will be shown at a dutch exhibition but also at another event in Belgium and who knows where it eventually will end up!
It's a very nice way to promote our Etsy shops!
All you have to do is a mini artwork on a piece of textile cloth 7x7 cm, that has to be sent before March 14, 2012, you can find all details here:

I decide to join this project, this is my submission, I shipped it today!
I painted a little purple owl on my piece:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Custom painted toy chest with Winnie Pooh & friends

 have painted this toy chest for a little girl crazy for Winnie Pooh! She asked me to re-create Winnie forest in her room, so I painted this chest with all her favourite characters.

I lined the inside of the toy chest with floral wallpaper:
It’s ready to receive all her stuffed animals!!

On the right side I painted Tigger that brings the rabbit out from a hat:

On the left side I painted Winnie Pooh with his friend Tigger:

On the lid of the chest  there are all: kangaroo, Piglet, Winnie, Tigger  and Eeyore…

Toy chest measures approx.: 15" tall, 36" long and  15" deep.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tutorial & creative recycling: rose made of jeans!

T his beautiful rose is made from jeans scraps, I would like to show you how I made it!
You can see another craft project with jeans here: Jeans Frame tutorial

Jeans rose tutorial

- Recycled jeans
- Water based glue
- Scissors

1-Preparing petals, to do the day before ( must dry for 24 hours)
Cut a rectangle of jeans about 2" x 4"(5x10cm).
Cut from jeans shapes of petals like those in the pictures, you will need 3 smaller petals and 10 bigger petals.

Smaller petals are about 1,6"(4cm) high and bigger petals 2"(5cm).

Make a cut in the smaller petals, will be used to bend it and give it the shape of a rose petal.

In the bigger petals make two cuts in this way:

Now you have all the elements to compose the rose.

Pass on all the petals and on the rectangle some glue diluited in a lot of water:

Let them dry for 24 hours.

2- Composing the rose
When the petals are dry you can model them and they will retain the desired shape.
Glue the smaller petals in this way to gave them the right shape:

Model petals to imitate those of a real rose:

They will maintain the shape that you gave them.

Make the same thing with bigger petal:

Stick the first two tabs together and then the third:

And model the petals:

Take the rectangle and bend it as shown in the picture below:

Begin to roll up it to form the inner part of the rose:

Fix it with a drop of glue and cut the excess.

Now you can start adding all the petals!
Stick the three smaller petals for first:

And then all the others, all around:

I used my rose to decor a bag, but it can be use for a lot of things, as a brooch, hairpin, to make a necklace, hair barretts...

What do you think of my rose?
Have other ideas to use it to decor?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Penguin cake topper

N ew penguin cake topper available in my shop:
Penguin cake topper with personalized banner 
A new cute and adorable couple, so elegant!!

Included in the listing there is a personalized banner for names and wedding date:

They are totally customizable, with the possibility to choose the colors for bows,veil, tie or bow tie, hat, flowers of the bouquet, type of flowers, colors for rhinestones...

Penguin cake topper is also available with a lovely baby penguin!!

My penguins, so elegant in black and white, would love these wedding cakes...:)





My penguin in a very elegant treasury by Lovelycrochet, thank you!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Decoring with jeans spirals! Tutorial

f you, like me, have some old jeans that no longer use, you can recycle it for some cute projects!
And you will not have to abandon a pair of jeans that you loved...

The first is: Decor with jeans spirals!!
I decorate a frame but they can be use to decor almost everything! 

- Recycled jeans
- Scissors
- Water based glue

First of all you have to cut some little stripes from jeans, about 0,2" high. 
Prepare a lot of stripes of different lenght and from jeans of different shade of blue or black to give a wonderful gradient effect to your decoration.

Wrap in tight spirals the stripes and fix them with a drop of glue.
Prepare spirals of different measures, mine are from 0,2" to 1,4" of diameter.

If you use two different colors of jeans the effect will be beautiful!

Stick them all with glue

This is my jeans frame!

What do you think of my frame?
You can use jeans spirals to decor notebooks, bags, t-shirt, boxes...and many other things!

See you soon with another creative idea with jeans! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Octopus in love cake topper and ocean theme wedding

T his is my first ocean cake topper, with a cute and funny couple of OCTOPUS so in love!
They are on a sea base that I made with light blue and white clay mixed together to gave the idea of sea water and waves, one side is covered with sand and clear glitter. 
Figurines are not fixed to the base so you can choose to position them the way you like more.

In my Etsy shop you can choose all colors you want for customization, to match the cake topper with your wedding palette!

Here in Italy is snowing and it's really why don't think about summer and weddings on the beach?

Ocean theme wedding decorations included some beautiful and natural elements like shell, starfish, pearl, seagull, sand...To suggest images of beauty, mistery, majesty and tranquility.
Colors are every shade of blue, blue-green colors of the ocean, white, silver and sand's colors.

Image via

Images via
Image via

Some items about ocean, beach and summer wedding I found in beautiful Etsy shops:

Ocean necklace by JewelrybyDorothy
Starfish wedding invitations by MissMaliaDesigns 
Ocean bride wedding lace and bridal feather by AngelfishOriginals

Ocean dream flower by lilmissthriftydesign 
Sea urchid jewelry by Ploust
Blue green ring pillow by MysteriousMannequin
Sarfish necklace TheTiffanyBlueShop 
Colar bowl by UneekGlassFusions

 And of course a mermaid wedding dress!

By MyaKi on Etsy