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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tutorial & creative recycling: rose made of jeans!

T his beautiful rose is made from jeans scraps, I would like to show you how I made it!
You can see another craft project with jeans here: Jeans Frame tutorial

Jeans rose tutorial

- Recycled jeans
- Water based glue
- Scissors

1-Preparing petals, to do the day before ( must dry for 24 hours)
Cut a rectangle of jeans about 2" x 4"(5x10cm).
Cut from jeans shapes of petals like those in the pictures, you will need 3 smaller petals and 10 bigger petals.

Smaller petals are about 1,6"(4cm) high and bigger petals 2"(5cm).

Make a cut in the smaller petals, will be used to bend it and give it the shape of a rose petal.

In the bigger petals make two cuts in this way:

Now you have all the elements to compose the rose.

Pass on all the petals and on the rectangle some glue diluited in a lot of water:

Let them dry for 24 hours.

2- Composing the rose
When the petals are dry you can model them and they will retain the desired shape.
Glue the smaller petals in this way to gave them the right shape:

Model petals to imitate those of a real rose:

They will maintain the shape that you gave them.

Make the same thing with bigger petal:

Stick the first two tabs together and then the third:

And model the petals:

Take the rectangle and bend it as shown in the picture below:

Begin to roll up it to form the inner part of the rose:

Fix it with a drop of glue and cut the excess.

Now you can start adding all the petals!
Stick the three smaller petals for first:

And then all the others, all around:

I used my rose to decor a bag, but it can be use for a lot of things, as a brooch, hairpin, to make a necklace, hair barretts...

What do you think of my rose?
Have other ideas to use it to decor?


  1. bellissima idea e perfetta realizzazione! da provare!
    posso menzionare questo tutorial sul mio blog? :)

  2. Thanks!!
    Certo che puoi menzionare il mio tutorial sul tuo blog, ne sarei felicissima! Grazie mille!!! :D

  3. It's amazing! I want try this! Thank you for sharing

  4. WOW!
    Che bel tutorial!!!!

  5. ...Oops! Ecco appunto, avevo trovato il tutorial sul blog di ora riporto anche qui il mio commento, ovvero: e' il migliore di sempre! grazie!

  6. It is amazing! A wonderful work of art made of old jeans. Rubbish clearance | Garden clearance London

  7. These are so cool! You are a very talented lady!

  8. You made such a perfect rose! I love it, it looks so nice!

  9. hey i tried making it, but I am not being able to fix the stalk of the rose after rolling it to make the bud, and also please tell me how to stick all the petals together as my gum is not being able to stick the petals together. I tried using superglue but made the petals hard n messy. Can u please elaborately show how to stick the petals together. N your rose looks beautiful.

  10. Hi Shanjita,
    I used a vinilic glue to stick the bud, you have to let it dry for 24hours. I used vinilic glue also to stick all the petals together. If you want to accelerate the entire process of glueing you can use a melt glue gun, so the petals will stick instantly and you will not have to wait to dry one by one.
    I hope I was helpful, let me know if you have other questions!
    Thank you!! :)

  11. Beautiful and yes you could "stem them" I think I might try to make some of these up in the next day or so..

  12. Thank you Christy! A stem is really a great idea!!

  13. Fantastic tutorial!!!!!Thank you !!!!I will be happy to become a member of your blog !!!

  14. Me encanto todo gracias quisiera más tutoriales

  15. Beautiful. A very helpful tips for me to decor my novelty items.

  16. Merci beaucoup ce que je recherchais!!!


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