Custom pet portraits, hand made cake toppers

WHO I AM/ WHY PerlillaPets?

I am an italian artist, I paint because I have to...(it's one of the thing that makes me feel happier!!) and I love animals so they are my favourite subjets and I express myself in pets portraits.
I discovered modelling clay, a wonderful world for me where I can leave all my creativity free to express in a 3D world. Every item I create with clay is hand made with love and care, without the use of molds.
With clay I create cake toppers for weddings and birthday parties.

WHY "PerlillaPets"?

The name “PerlillaPets” sinks its roots in my childhood and in my very special relationship with a mother who knew always how to amaze me.
She called me her “pearl” (perla in italian) to indicate something precious, unique and valuable, the first part of the name “Per” comes from “perla”.

In the old house of my childhood, there was a beautiful wisteria plant that stretched its arms on the court and in the spring was a cloud of lilac flowers.
My mother loved and cured this plant with love, it seemed that communicate each other with their secret language.
I remember one morning of my childhood when I could not believe what my eyes saw, but it was all true! My mother made me a surprise: she had tied to wisteria, with colored ribbons, candies, chocolates, chips and popcorn!! They seemed to be flowering by the plant!
Since then lilac has remained the more intense color in my thoughts and then in my desire to create. The second part of my shop name comes from this beautiful color: lilac that is “lilla” in italian, so…Perlilla!

The word “Pets” is for my great love for every kind of animals, you can feel the experience of a totally, selfless and unselfish love only  if you have a pet.
I think every child should grow up with a pet to mature together and learn the true love to donate also to other human beings.

My love for animals extends to nature, I am passionate in recycling things. I like to give new life to an object, give it a chance, or turn it into a unique piece of art.

Hope you will like my work...

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