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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY: Wreath with Roses made of Recycled Paper!!

 love the look a little retro and vintage of this wreath and I love creating using recycled stuff!! So I want to show you this wreath, that I have decorated with roses and leaves I made using magazines paper!!


- Wicker or styrofoam wreath as a support (measure of your choice)
- Magazines to be recycled 
- Hot glue
- Staple

I decided to use reds and golds for my roses because I want to use my wreath for Christmas, of curse you can make your own roses using the colors you prefer.

Torn from magazines all pages with pinks, reds, browns for the roses and also light and dark greens for the leaves. Writtens and images on the magazines papers will give more movement to your rose!

Rip in half a page, you will obtain a strip about 4" high, fold it in half but do not press on the middle!

Insert your left forefinger at the beginning of the strip and begins to roll it with your right hand, as you can see in the pictures below:

Squeeze the base of the rose


Secure the base of the rose with the stapler and roll another strip of paper of a lighter or darker color around the first one.

And here is the rose!


For the leaves fold a 4"high strip of green colors and tear it.

Bend again the piece you have obtain and tear it.

Now you've got a rectangle of paper measuring about 4 "x 2".
On the reverse bend about of 0,2" all sides:

 On one side fold the two corners:

 Fold the two corners again a second time as in the picture below:

 Fold the two corners on the other side just once, in this way:

And here is a leave!

 Fold the leave on the centre to give it a rib:

And here are the rose with its leave!

I used a wicker wreath as a base to fix all my paper roses and leaves with hot glue:

To cover the entire wreath I created nine roses, not all big, I made also some buds rolling only one strip of paper, this is the final result:

I added a red bow and a red ribbon to hang it on the wall:

Tell me what do you think of this project! It is really funny to do! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bedside hand painted inspired by Disney Rapunzel!

have just finished to work on this bedside that was commissioned to me by the mother of a girl crazy for Rapunzel, she will give it to her for Christmas. She gave me this old bedside, a little spoiled, I have restored and painted it. I love the furniture restoration, and give them a new life! I think she will not recognize it! :)

I want to see you how it was BEFORE:
I painted it with water based acrylic colors, I used a light green for the base and I painted Rapunzel and her cute friend on the top...
So that it appears that the long hair of Rapunzel are locked in the drawer!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas candles decorated with ribbons

nother very simple idea to decorate candles for Christmas:
I kept many scraps of ribbons from gift packs and baskets and I wanted to recycle them and  I thought I'd use them to decorate the candles!

Of course you can use any kind of ribbons of any color...
 Just cut a strip of ribbon and sew it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

DIY: Christmas candles to decorate your home scourer

 want to show you some simple, but effective, proposals to decorate Christmas candles, also with a bit of recycling!
I use them as centerpieces or on shelves, and they always do a beautiful effect.

The project concerns:


»¦«-**-»¦« Materials:

- Glue water mission for gilding
- Gold Leaf Gilding
- Brush
- Candles
- Kitchen scourer

I had these red candles in my home, a little spoiled, that I wanted to recycle, but you can use the color you want.

I have applied the glue water mission all over the candle using the brush.

I let it dry for about half an hour, the glue becomes completely transparent.

Now begins the fun part, apply the gold leaf, we must be careful because it is very thin and fly from all sides!

I covered the entire candle with bits of gold leaf.

 With the dry brush I attacked the gold leaf and removed the pieces in excessive.

There are small cracks through which one sees the color of the candle, but I leave them, are part of the decoration, I like the effect that they make.

I inserted the candle in the kitchen scourer.

I added another decoration to the red candles, I used some red beads, all different, that I collected, and a piece of thin red wire.

I put the beads in the wire tying it to stop them.

I tied the wire to the kitchen scourer.

I hope you will enjoy this project!