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Monday, November 21, 2011

An original Christmas box...with a little village on the lid!!

ntil a few days ago here in Italy seemed almost spring, now is really cold, Christmas is in the air... 
These are really funny and original Christmas gifts, sure to be treasured! Hand painted wooden boxes with an entire village in miniature hand made on the lid!
I made it by hand with modelling clay, I painted and decorated the village with snow and glitter, is full of details.
It has been so funny creating these little houses, trees and decorate them for Christmas! 

I made three different boxes:

I present them to you one by one:

They can be given away with a note inside, some candy or chocolates, they can be can used to decorate your home or as a centerpiece.

The Christmas village boxes measures 3,3”deep 4,7”across and 2,95”high.

You can find them in my shop: 

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