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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tutorial: crepe paper poppy!

After daisy and dahlia, today I want to show you how to make a poppy.

Crepe paper poppy
Poppy is related to sleep and Morpheus, is a symbol of power, loyalty and pride.
Here is what you need:

- Red crepe paper
- Black crepe paper
- Green crepe paper
- Glue
- Scissors
- A piece of cotton wool
- Metallic wire

First of all cut a rectangle 3” x 1,4” of black crepe paper and cut many fringes like it is shown in the image:

Make a hook at one end of the metallic wire and cover it with a piece of cotton wool, then cover the cotton with a piece of black crepe paper and secure it with a wire.


Stick the black rectangle around the ball to obtain the centre of the flower.

Now cut a petal from red crepe paper using the image below as reference.

For a flower you will need 5 petals.

Stick the petals all around the black centre and fold them to give a more natural look.

Glue all around the wire a stripe of green paper to create the stem.


You can create different flowers changing the inclination of the petals.


Which of the tree flowers do you prefer?
Poppy is my favorite, I think that deceives more the eye compared to other paper flowers.


  1. Wonderful! :D All the three flowers are beautiful and togheter make a bunch that looks so real.

  2. You make such gorgeous flowers! What a wonderful artist you are! Thanks so much for sharing, it is beautiful.

  3. This craft is a great twist on the classic paper flower. Try using shimmery tissuce paper for added detail on your flowers

  4. Hello, I'm sorry but I don't sell paper flowers. I made these for my home and I thought it was nice to share a tutorial :-)


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