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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's card with a sugar heart: tutorial

I  would like to show you a card sweet in every sense, because is for Valentine's day and is full of sugar candies!!

For this project you will need...

Valentine's card with a sugar heart


- Red cardboard
- Red felt (a little piece, a square about 3,7")
- Little colored sugar candies

- A plastic envelope
- Scissors
- Adhesive tape double sided
- Felt-tip pen (I used a silver one)

 Cut a rectangle 8" x 6" from red cardboard and fold it in half

 Using the heart below draw an heart on the front of your card

Cut out the heart

Cut a square 3,5" from a plastic envelope and fix it on the heart inside the card using bi-adhesive tape

Now you have a little heart shape "window" protected with plastic

Full it with little colored sugar candies!

Put all around the heart other bi-adhesive tape to attack a piece of felt

I have decorated my card also with a silver pen

And here is my sugary card...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Show me your craft room, blog hop!

W elcome!!
Thank you for stopping by to visit the Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop.
There are a group of very talented crafty people from all over the world who can't wait to share their spaces with you.
This is a no obligation hop, so if you would like to just browse through the space's, that is totally ok! This hop will be open all weekend long! So no rush!

However, for those of you who like freebies there will be "blog candy" if you follow and comment on each posting and leave a comment with "your best organizational tip" your name will entered in a random drawing to win a $25.00 gift card from Michaels!!! Winner will be announced on Tuesday 1/24/12
Ready, Set, Go!

I have not had much time to fix my room, I'm always concentrated on painting and so always delay!:)
It is still work in progress... Anyway I'm lucky to have a very large and very bright place to work, here is:

I can paint with a lot of light putting my easel near the window and this is the most important thing for me, to arrange the materials I have a showcase and a metallic shelf, a table with everything I need to paint and a table to work on clay figurines.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My fox cake topper inspired by Valentine's day

T his is my cake topper inspired by Valentine's day, two cute foxes in love with their tails intertwined!

They are so in love...

As a banner I made a red heart with white wings!

 You can find them in my Etsy shop:

You can choose:
For the bride: color for the veil, for tiara, bow and rhinestones, flowers for the bouquet and colors.
For the groom: color for tie or bow tie and hat.
For the banner: color for heart and wings.

Valentine Gift Guide -She's Feeling GOOD 

by cooljewelrydesign












Passion Valentine Gifts 

by HandyHappy  



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tutorial: crepe paper poppy!

After daisy and dahlia, today I want to show you how to make a poppy.

Crepe paper poppy
Poppy is related to sleep and Morpheus, is a symbol of power, loyalty and pride.
Here is what you need:

- Red crepe paper
- Black crepe paper
- Green crepe paper
- Glue
- Scissors
- A piece of cotton wool
- Metallic wire

First of all cut a rectangle 3” x 1,4” of black crepe paper and cut many fringes like it is shown in the image:

Make a hook at one end of the metallic wire and cover it with a piece of cotton wool, then cover the cotton with a piece of black crepe paper and secure it with a wire.


Stick the black rectangle around the ball to obtain the centre of the flower.

Now cut a petal from red crepe paper using the image below as reference.

For a flower you will need 5 petals.

Stick the petals all around the black centre and fold them to give a more natural look.

Glue all around the wire a stripe of green paper to create the stem.


You can create different flowers changing the inclination of the petals.


Which of the tree flowers do you prefer?
Poppy is my favorite, I think that deceives more the eye compared to other paper flowers.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tutorial: crepe paper Dahlia

A fter a tutorial about paper daisies here:
Paper crepe Daisy Tutorial
now is up to Dahlia!

Crepe paper Dahlia
Dahlia is related to an omen of an happy event, gratitude and thankfulness.


 - Yellow, orange and green crepe papers
- Glue
- Scissors
- Wire
-Cotton wool

1- Make a ring with the wire in this way:

2- Cover it with cotton wool and fix it with a piece of wire

3- Cover the cotton wall with yellow crepe paper

4- Cut a square 3,5" from orange crepe paper and fold it in half

5- Cut a shape as it is shown in the image below

6 - Opening it you will get this flower shape:

 7- You have to cut 10 shapes like this, do not worry about being precise, the final result will be great in every way!

8- When you have all the 10 pieces make a hole in the centre:

9- Insert into the hole the wire with the yellow ball

 10 - Rub the petals

11- Roll all around the wire a green stripe of paper to create the stem as I have alredy shown for the daisy here: Daisy Tutorial

And here is the Dahlia, do you like it?

It can be realized also in yellow with the centre orange or red with the centre yellow.