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Friday, December 30, 2011

Squirrel cake topper for a woodland wedding!

C ute, smart, sweet and curious these squirrels bride and my shop:

You can choose all customizations that you prefer!
For bride: color for dress to match your wedding dress, veil, bow, type of flowers and colors; for groom color for hat, tie or bow tie and color.

Perfect for a woodland theme wedding!
As you can see squirrel gromm is holding an acorn with the ring!!

Squirrel bride is very romantic, she is wearing a white silk skirt with rhinestones and a lace bodice, she is holding a bouquet of ivory roses, she has a veil fixed on her head with roses and a bow. Also her vaporous tail is embellished with roses!!

Banner for names and date is attached to a cute branch...

Bride and groom figurines are about 3” tall.
You can position them on the cake as you prefer!
I create this cute animals thinking about a woodland and rustic wedding, here are some ideas I found on the web about this fascinating and fairy theme:

Images via: Affairs by Amy

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy:

And the Wedding Cake!

Photo courtesy:
Photo courtesy:
Are you thinking about this theme for your wedding?
Do you like it?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tutorial & creative recycling : a curtain tieback made from recycled wrapping paper and cardboard

After Christmas I have so much wrapping paper, of course I kept it, can always be useful for some new idea! (And if kept well for new gifts).
Today I want to share with you this tutorial I made to create an original  
curtain tieback

I used only recycled materials:
You need:
- Recycled cardboard
- Recycled wrapping paper (among those that I have, I chose the one with the colors that were better in my room, and I decided for this one white and gold.)

- Two sticks for skewers ( I made fish skewers for Christmas Eve dinner, wonderful!!! :)
- Scissors
- Compass
- Black marker or pencil
- Paper tape
- Glue for paper

 Step 1: cut a circle from cardboard

With the compass draw a circle with a diameter of 7" on a piece of recycled cardboard (mine is 0,08" thick, but you can use what you have, thicker is better)

Draw another circle inside the first one with a diameter of 1,8"

Cut the two circles:

Now we have the inside of the curtain tieback and we have to cover it with paper gift to make it nice!

Step 2: cover the cardboard circle with gift paper

Put the wrapping paper under the circle and draw with a marker or a pencil the circles outlines:

Now you can cut out two circles from the wrapping paper, which will serve to cover the two sides of the cardboard circle:

Stick the wrapping paper on the cardboard circle with glue.

Step 3: create a stick in theme with the circle

Join two sticks with paper tape:

Cover them with the same wrapping paper or different if you prefer.

Fix paper with tape.

And here is the finished curtain tieback!

In this picture is fixed to the curtain of my bathroom window:

How does it fit on the curtain?

1- Insert a bit of fabric in the hole to form a "loop":

 2- Insert the stick in the loop:

 3- Pull the curtain down:

What do you think of this idea?
I'm very proud of my bathroom curtain now!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My owl finds!!

I love owls...They are so cute, clever and they are lucky charms!
Here are some of my favourites from amazing Etsy shops:

So cute tender little owl from

Very funny owl from peanutbutterdynamite

 Another super funny owl from CuteBabyToys

Cute!!!!! LoveFeltXoXo

I love it! From KichiKimani

Other two really cute owls from wassupbrothers and BWinks

This is really amazing! :) From woolville

And a wonderful illustration from majalin

Monday, December 26, 2011

Crocodile cake topper!! A very original topper!

I  would like to show you my crocodile bride and groom cake topper, it is very cute and funny, will make you smile!

Cake toppers represent bride and groom themselves, so in some way they can be considered the most important part of the cake, are worthy when they are unique, original, cute, hand made, truly piece of art.

Crocodile bride is wearing a wedding dress made of white satin and rhinestones and a pearl veil fixed with a bow embellished with a rhinestone. She is so lovely!


Crocodile groom is wearing a black jacket and a top hat.


I have decorated a natural wood round base with a little river, stones and light blue rhinestones.

In the pictures the initials of the names are "carved" into the rock.

Crocodiles are about 3,4" high, base is 4,7".

 A picture of the work in progress...

Do you like my crocodiles?

You can find them in my shop:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to everyone!! ♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥

Merry Christmas to all!!!
Happy holidays!!! 
I wish to everyone a wonderful holiday season and a beautiful New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tutorial: hand made POP UP CARD for Christmas!!

You can do a very cute pop up card for Christmas using cardboard, glue and scrissors:


- Red and white cardboard
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Glue

1- Cut out a rectangle from the red cardboard, my measures 6" x 9,5" but you can choose the size you prefer and fold it in half.

2- On the side with the fold, with the pencil draw a rectangle of 2" high and 1,6" wide

3- Cut the two sides of the rectangle

4- Bend the rectangle inward


5- Cut out another retangle from red cardboard ( 4" x 2,3"), it will serve to close the window that is formed on the side of the card

Stick it as it is shown in the picture below

6- Now it's the time to draw all the figures that will be glued on the card, you can draw anything you want (for Christmas: stars, snowflakes, gifts, a stylized nativity, cute animals, bows, tree balls...) or you can use this drawing:

7- Cut all the figures from white cardboard

Of course they will be attaccked on the oppisite side, so you will not see the signs of the pencil

8- Stick the house on the rectangle

and all the other figures...

And there you have a very cute Christmas pop up card!!