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Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Christmas centerpiece... in gold and pink!!

I 'm very happy that my other centerpiece in red and gold had a huge success!!
(I made it few days ago and I wrote about it here:

So I had an order for another centerpiece but this time
in pink and gold!

For this I used a wooden plate as base, fuchsia fabric roses, wooden roses, dried seeds, pink and fuchsia ribbon, tulle, glitter, golden balls, a star and a candle with its candle holder.

I completely covered a fabric rose of fuchsia glitter, this is the centre of my composition, from here I started adding all the other elements.
Candle holder is hidden in the centre of the composition.

The back of the centerpiece:

*♥* For a sweet and lovely Christmas!! *♥*

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  1. First time to see a pink and gold motif, and I find it beautiful. This is an applicable centerpiece for wedding and parties.

    Italian Porcelain


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