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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tutorial: shiny silver tree ornament using recycled cans!

Today I want to show you another idea of ​​​​creative recycling for Christmas!
This year if you want to give your Christmas tree the magic and sparkle of silver, you can make simple but effective ornaments using recycled cans!

You can create very elegant tree ornaments that will reflect any light you will put on your tree.
TUTORIAL *-»¦«-•´¯`*♥*´¯`•-»¦«-**-»¦«-•´¯`*♥*´¯`•-»¦«-*
Silver cone tree ornament made with recycled can

-Can to be recycled
-Awl or a big needle
- Rectangle of polystyrene
- Cardboard
- Stapler

Step 1: important!!: when you cut the can be done very carefully to avoid cutting 
Cut off the top of the can with scissors

 Do the same thing with the bottom 

you now have a silver rectangle:

 Roll it in the opposite direction to straighten

 I drew a shape on a cardboard to use it to cut the silver rectangle:

You can use this figure:

Step 2 : Place the triangle on the polystyrene

I drew a simple decoration on the cardboard to help me transfer it to the silver triangle with the awl, you can draw the design you prefer, or use this:

Place the card board above the silver triangle and make holes with an awl or large needle following the drawing:

Once you have removed the cardboard, this is the result:

Roll up the foil giving it a cone shape:

And fix it with the stapler:

 The lights of your tree will come out of the cone's holes

To hang the silver cone, bend a silver wire and insert it in two holes made on both sides of the cone.
Insert the wire:

 and roll it up:

Also with the scraps of tin you can create decorations for your tree as stars, hearts and spirals ( made by rolling strips of tin around a pencil):

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