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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Centerpiece in gold and red! A gift for a special person

 saw a Christmas centerpiece in an interior design magazine, decorated with dried flowers, pine cones, twigs...It was all in white and silver, it made me want to try to make one myself! 
My beloved grandmother loves this kind of things so I thought to give it to her for the Christmas table. She loves the traditional gold and red for holidays so I used these colors.

Here are the materials I used to compose my centerpiece:

- A ceramic plate as base
- Red fabric flowers
- Gold glitter
- 2 golden balls
- 1 red ball
- a golden candle holders
- A stripe of golden fabric ( I used it to make a bow)
- Red ribbon
- Dried seeds, fruits and wood chips

I glued each object with the hot glue.

The funniest part: fill all the fabric flowers with gold glitter!! I used vinyl glue diluted in water to stick the glitters.
Magically transform themselves from everyday flowers to party flowers!

Here is the finished centerpiece!

 Every side is different:

I hope my grandmother will like it, I made it with lot of love!

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