Custom pet portraits, hand made cake toppers

Monday, December 26, 2011

Crocodile cake topper!! A very original topper!

I  would like to show you my crocodile bride and groom cake topper, it is very cute and funny, will make you smile!

Cake toppers represent bride and groom themselves, so in some way they can be considered the most important part of the cake, are worthy when they are unique, original, cute, hand made, truly piece of art.

Crocodile bride is wearing a wedding dress made of white satin and rhinestones and a pearl veil fixed with a bow embellished with a rhinestone. She is so lovely!


Crocodile groom is wearing a black jacket and a top hat.


I have decorated a natural wood round base with a little river, stones and light blue rhinestones.

In the pictures the initials of the names are "carved" into the rock.

Crocodiles are about 3,4" high, base is 4,7".

 A picture of the work in progress...

Do you like my crocodiles?

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