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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tutorial: hand made POP UP CARD for Christmas!!

You can do a very cute pop up card for Christmas using cardboard, glue and scrissors:


- Red and white cardboard
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Glue

1- Cut out a rectangle from the red cardboard, my measures 6" x 9,5" but you can choose the size you prefer and fold it in half.

2- On the side with the fold, with the pencil draw a rectangle of 2" high and 1,6" wide

3- Cut the two sides of the rectangle

4- Bend the rectangle inward


5- Cut out another retangle from red cardboard ( 4" x 2,3"), it will serve to close the window that is formed on the side of the card

Stick it as it is shown in the picture below

6- Now it's the time to draw all the figures that will be glued on the card, you can draw anything you want (for Christmas: stars, snowflakes, gifts, a stylized nativity, cute animals, bows, tree balls...) or you can use this drawing:

7- Cut all the figures from white cardboard

Of course they will be attaccked on the oppisite side, so you will not see the signs of the pencil

8- Stick the house on the rectangle

and all the other figures...

And there you have a very cute Christmas pop up card!!


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