Custom pet portraits, hand made cake toppers

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A craft idea for October, a soft and colorful pumpkin!

"recipe" to make a cute pumpkin, made using polystyrene as main ingredient, really simple and fun!
I used my pumpkins to create an autumn wreath, but they can be used also for centerpieces, garlands, as placeholders for an Halloween party...

Ok, here is my adorable, soft, colorful, fluffy, cozy pumpkin!! 

Here is all you need to create it:
-polystyrene ball
-orange felt (enough to cover all the ball)
-a little piece of green wire
-a fabric leaf (I cut it from a fake flower)
-a little piece of branch
-one cutter blade

Cut the segments all around the ball with the blade, must be deep enough to insert the felt

Insert a clove cut from the felt into the segments on the ball, using the other side of the blade:
(pay attention to the cutting edge!)

You have to cover the entire ball and this is the result:

Now you can add some details to decorate your pumpkin, I glued the leaf and the petiole:

Then a cute curl made coiling the green wire around a pencil:

With a "creepy face" it would be ready for Halloween...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New love bird design

oday I've listed a brand new design for the love bird wedding cake topper!

This cute couple is totally customizable, you can choose color and details here:

The bodies color in the pictures is grass green, but you can choose other colors!
I painted the wings with non toxic water-based colors, I used a mix of grass green, white and black, of course if you chose other colors I will paint them to match the new colors.

The love birds are ready to fly away to start a new life together...