Custom pet portraits, hand made cake toppers

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seating chart for the movie theme wedding! Work in progress..

I 'm working on the seating chart for the movie theme wedding
Colors are white, purple and black.
My idea is: create a clapper board  for every movie/table and fix all of them on a 28"x39" canvas that I will decorate with  a drape of purple satin. Canvas will be displated on an wooden easel.

The wedding is so close (and I want everything to be perfect!),  I have taken a little break to share a bit of work in progress pictures with you:

I drew clapper boards on black cardboard and I cut them:

 I do not want to spoil the surprise :)...You will have to wait for the wedding pictures to see the finished work! Just a glimpse...

Back to work!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lola's Portrait for Father's Day

I painted a portrait of beautiful Rachel's chihuahua Lola as a Father's Day gift for her husband.
Rachel wrote a so wonderful post on her blog about the portrait, I can't thank her enough for the appreciation of my work (that is my passion, all my life!) and the beautiful words she wrote!
I'm so glad I made her and her husband happy, it was a so great emotion for me seeing pictures of Lola's portrait hung on her family wall.
I put all my love, care and abilities in my creations and this is the part of my work that I prefer, making my customers happy it's the most important thing for me.
A portrait is a precious gift, captures a moment and projects it to eternity, brings so much life, memory, affection, love...
Create hand made things means investing so much time and care in them that is a so great joy when they are so appreciated, thank you!!!

Check out her blog, is so beautiful!!

 Lola isn't absolutely adorable?
She loves to stay with their legs crossed, so cute!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Koalas on the wedding cake!!

I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart Astrid for the wonderful pictures she sent me of her amazing cake!!
It's always a so great emotion for me seeing my cake toppers pictures...

It's so wonderful in white and blue with white orchids....I love it!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Upcoming movie theme wedding! Sex and the city centerpiece

Movie theme wedding is really close now! I have completed all the decorations for the 18 centerpieces, but today bride gave me 2 more movies, she had to add other guests!

We did a proof for the "Sex and the city" centerpiece, of course we will prepare all the others on the wedding day since we use only fresh flowers, white and purple lisianthus.

I love it! It's so personalized and original!! Bride wants something really unique and is very happy with the result.
Now I'm working on the guestbook and of course... the cake topper!