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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lola's Portrait for Father's Day

I painted a portrait of beautiful Rachel's chihuahua Lola as a Father's Day gift for her husband.
Rachel wrote a so wonderful post on her blog about the portrait, I can't thank her enough for the appreciation of my work (that is my passion, all my life!) and the beautiful words she wrote!
I'm so glad I made her and her husband happy, it was a so great emotion for me seeing pictures of Lola's portrait hung on her family wall.
I put all my love, care and abilities in my creations and this is the part of my work that I prefer, making my customers happy it's the most important thing for me.
A portrait is a precious gift, captures a moment and projects it to eternity, brings so much life, memory, affection, love...
Create hand made things means investing so much time and care in them that is a so great joy when they are so appreciated, thank you!!!

Check out her blog, is so beautiful!!

 Lola isn't absolutely adorable?
She loves to stay with their legs crossed, so cute!


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