Custom pet portraits, hand made cake toppers

Friday, May 27, 2016

Custom pet cake topper for your wedding!

As a dog lover myself and as a mom of a beautiful puppy I know that pets are so important to us, they are true members of ours families, so they deserve to be part of our wedding day.
The dog and cat weddings cake toppers can be ordered in my Etsy shop:
DOG & CAT Cake toppers

If you desire to include to include your best friends in the decorations for your special day, an hand made cake topper inspired by your pets pictures is a very creative and personalized way to do it!!

It's a true artwork, a keepsake you will treasure for a lifetime.

Here are some examples of cake toppers I made for my customers around the world, they sent me pictures of their dogs and cats and I created their custom figurines.

The very cute Bernese and Bulldog cake topper I created for Ashley and Joe's wedding!

The Bulldog cake topper fashioned after the adorable Stella

Pointer dog wedding cake topper, so cute with the chef hat!

Some lovely Beagle cake toppers:

Cavalier King Charles dog cake topper, this is personalized with an heart base

And the unlikely bride and dog groom!

Would you like your best friends to be part of your big day?