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Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY: Bio ricotta cheese Ice Cream!

As every year when the summer is coming, I like making ice cream at home with natural ingredients, today I would like to share with you my recipe for ricotta cheese ice simply exquisite!!
For this ice gream I use very fresh ingredients, ricotta cheese and cream that I take from a near dairy, this is very important to get a perfect ice cream! 

Here is the recipe:
You need
Ricotta cheese  14 ounce (400g)
Cream  8,8 ounce (250g)
Sugar   6,5 ounce (180g) 
Ice cream maker

 In a bowl put ricotta cheese and cream and mix well.

Add sugar and stir very well, no lumps should remain, the mixture should be quite liquid.
Now you can put it in your ice cream maker, will be ready in about half an hour.

It's wonderful with fruits, is delicious with raspberries!
Enjoy your ice cream!!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Co-design installation by Etsy Netherland

I shipped my piece for the co-design installation by Etsy Netherland on February, I talked about it here:
and now I saw on the EtsyNL album on FB all the pieces together, wow!! They are all wonderful!!
Can you find my little purple owl? ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Other movie decorations work in progress for the movie theme wedding!

I 'm continuing to work to the organization of the movie theme wedding!
June 30th is getting closer!

I want to show you some work in progress of other decorations I have carved and painted for the tables centerpieces.
On wooden shapes I drew subjects with a pencil:

Pulp fiction

Blade Runner's unicorn

 2001 Space Odissey Hal

And then I painted them!

Pulp Fiction groom movie!

Blade Runner!

Scarlett from "Gone with the wind" bride's movie! She wanted her to look a bit like the Scarlett Barbie :)


The Untouchables

 See you soon with other movie decorations!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Owl wedding cake topper with floral arch

would like to show you my new owl cake toppers completed with floral arch, stand and banner!!

Also floral arch and stand are customizable, not only owls, you can choose type of flowers, colors and also arch's and stand's colors!
Here are some wedding owls cake toppers with floral arch I created for my customers:

 Grey owl cake topper with purple roses and clear rhinestones 

Brown owls with hot pink and purple details and daisies bouquet

Owls in blue with calla lilies and a precious tiara for bride

Very colorful owls cake topper with cowboy hat for groom!

You can order your personalized and unique cake topper in my shop!