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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Other movie decorations work in progress for the movie theme wedding!

I 'm continuing to work to the organization of the movie theme wedding!
June 30th is getting closer!

I want to show you some work in progress of other decorations I have carved and painted for the tables centerpieces.
On wooden shapes I drew subjects with a pencil:

Pulp fiction

Blade Runner's unicorn

 2001 Space Odissey Hal

And then I painted them!

Pulp Fiction groom movie!

Blade Runner!

Scarlett from "Gone with the wind" bride's movie! She wanted her to look a bit like the Scarlett Barbie :)


The Untouchables

 See you soon with other movie decorations!

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  1. ...They are getting alive! Marvelous work in progress!


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