Custom pet portraits, hand made cake toppers

Thursday, December 26, 2013

My "snow globe cake"


ere is the cake I made for the Christmas Eve's diner with my family, I have been inspired by the glass snow globes, I have always liked them!
I wanted my cake to look like a big "glass snow ball" with a cute snowman, a white rabbit and a little tree inside.

I made everything with sugar paste and some candies for the snowman's buttons

The base is a simple yogurt cake covered with butter cream and white sugar paste.

My family really liked it so I'm very satisfied :-)
Have you cooked something special for Christmas?

Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY place holders for the Christmas table


hristmas is almost here, only two days!

I'm making some decorations for the table, I want to show you these very cute trees I will use as place holders, I made them with pine cones, empty rolls of tape and recycled pieces of different ribbons.


First of all I attached the ribbons to the empty rolls of tape with hot glue, I used some little pieces of different ribbons I kept in a drawer because I knew that one day I would have used them :)
The rolls will be the vases for the trees.

I painted the pine cones with green acrylic color and I glued them to the empty rolls

I added the magic of winter with some snow crystal and glitter!

They are already very cute but we can add also something on the top, for example a glass bead

...and finally a little piece of cardboard with the name!

Have you already thought how to decorate your Christmas table?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wrapping time! DIY cute packaging ideas for the holidays


lso this year my holidays season has been very busy, I worked day and night to create all the ornaments and to paint all the portraits in time for Christmas.

The best part of the holidays is to make the gifts for all the people we love, isn't it?
So I'm very happy to have helped all my wonderful customers around the world to create unique and personalized gifts for their families and friends, original artworks made with love, that they will cherish in the years to come.

Now it's the time for me to prepare the gifts for my family and friends, I want to wrap each one with a package suited to the personality of the person who will receive it.

These are two example of wrapping I want to share with you, country, simple and a bit romantic.

-wrapping paper
-pink cardboard (or the color you prefer)
-double-sided tape

I cut tree stripes, one larger from the wrapping paper and two narrow from the pink cardboard, approx. 20" long, width as you like.
I fixed the two pink stripes on the two sides of the wrapping paper stripe with the stapler, only from one end of the stripe.
I rolled the three strips together.

I folded the stripe like an accordion, increasing the size, I fixed the bow with the stapler

I cute other two pink stripes to complete the package, I fixed everything with double sided adhesive


Another idea is to make a very simple pink bow, really cute!

Happy wrapping! :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Personalized ornaments for a unique Christmas!


re you looking for a personalized and original Christmas gift?
These ornaments are unique artworks and keepsakes for the future years, completely hand made and hand painted.
The First Family ornament can be made with any animals and can be customized with the colors and accessories you prefer!

...for the Baby's First Christmas cute owls and penguins on soft fabric tree ornaments:

All to be personalized with baby's name!