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Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY place holders for the Christmas table


hristmas is almost here, only two days!

I'm making some decorations for the table, I want to show you these very cute trees I will use as place holders, I made them with pine cones, empty rolls of tape and recycled pieces of different ribbons.


First of all I attached the ribbons to the empty rolls of tape with hot glue, I used some little pieces of different ribbons I kept in a drawer because I knew that one day I would have used them :)
The rolls will be the vases for the trees.

I painted the pine cones with green acrylic color and I glued them to the empty rolls

I added the magic of winter with some snow crystal and glitter!

They are already very cute but we can add also something on the top, for example a glass bead

...and finally a little piece of cardboard with the name!

Have you already thought how to decorate your Christmas table?

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