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Friday, March 30, 2012

Tutorial: an eggs garden for Easter!

A friend of mine asked me an idea to put on the table, in a creative way, hard-boiled eggs for Easter. 
I watched eggs shells and I thought they have the same color of terracotta pots, so I decided to turn them into cute little vases of flowers.

 Here's how!

-First of all hard-boiled eggs

- Green and brown cardboard
- Double-sided tape
- Little fabric flowers

1- Cut a strip of green cardboard that will be the stand for egg

2- Make many cuts to give the effect of grass

3- Cut a little circle from brown cardboard, it will be the earth in the pot, fix it with double-sided tape

4- Fix a fabric flower on the "earth"

You can also cut a stem and a leaf from the green cardboard

Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things Crafty

y egg covered with flowers is featured on this week episode of Things Crafty, thank you so much Ilysa!!
With some finds for Easter decorations from Etsy shops, here if the link:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter is coming...

have two items in my shop dedicated to Easter, a big egg all covered with flowers and a cute basket centerpiece:

Flowers egg with stand

An explosion of spring flowers in pastel and vibrant colors, one of a kind, egg covered with flowers hand made one by one, it has been an hard work!!  :)
An important centerpiece, a really original way to decorate your home for Easter.
Egg is on display on a stand, a terracotta vase, it is not fixed to the stand so you can rotate it as you want, since every side is different!

Easter Basket
A basket centerpiece with ivory, pink, light blue, green, purple, orange and yellow eggs and among them there are timid violets, sumptuous roses, vivid sunflowers and candid daisies.

Some of my favourite Easter decorations from wonderful Etsy shops:

Bunnies in blue eggs by Fairyfolk
Knit softie birds by beadedwire 
Felt bunnies by NikisBirdhouse
Spring bunny by tanyabond 
Easter wreath with bunny and carrots by PaperPolaroid 
Happy Easter bunny wreath by MaddysonsLane 
Violet Eater wreath with bunny by  botanicbotanic 
Felted Easter basket by  maddyandme
Needle felted bunny by  MyriamPowellDesigns

See you soon with a Easter tutorial that I'm preparing!