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Friday, March 30, 2012

Tutorial: an eggs garden for Easter!

A friend of mine asked me an idea to put on the table, in a creative way, hard-boiled eggs for Easter. 
I watched eggs shells and I thought they have the same color of terracotta pots, so I decided to turn them into cute little vases of flowers.

 Here's how!

-First of all hard-boiled eggs

- Green and brown cardboard
- Double-sided tape
- Little fabric flowers

1- Cut a strip of green cardboard that will be the stand for egg

2- Make many cuts to give the effect of grass

3- Cut a little circle from brown cardboard, it will be the earth in the pot, fix it with double-sided tape

4- Fix a fabric flower on the "earth"

You can also cut a stem and a leaf from the green cardboard

Happy Easter!!

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