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Sunday, December 23, 2012

DIY: Creative Christmas cupcakes!


 oday I made some cupcakes for the Christmas Eve dinner with my family and kin.
It has become a tradition that every year I create new desserts to amaze them, this year I tried to make some cupcakes, it's the first time for me and I'd like to show you the final result and the recipe I used.
I made vanilla cupcakes, here are the decorations I created:

Merry Christmas!!!


For 12 vanilla cupcakes
- 4,5 oz. Butter
- 4,5 oz. Sugar
- 3 Eggs
- 4,5 oz. Flour
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
- 2 spoons milk
- 1 teaspoon vanilla

For frosting:
- 2,7 oz. Butter
- 2 spoons milk
- 1 teaspoon vanilla
- 8 oz. powdered sugar

For decorations:
- White fondant
- Food dyes
- Red glitter for food
- Candied cherries

Step1: Cupcakes
First of all heat the oven to 374 F(190 ° C)
In a bowl combine the butter and the sugar, whisk until well blended

 Whisk the eggs

Add slowly the aggs to the butter together with a spoon of flour and whisk

Add the milk and all the flour and whisk until completely incorporated into the butter mixture

Now you can pour the batter in the baking cups

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.

Here is my first cupcake ready to be decorated!

Step2: Frosting

In a bowl whisk the butter with the milk and add the powder sugar. Whisk to combine.
Cover the cupcakes with the frosting:

You can add food dyes to color the frosting, I left it white because I want some snow for Christmas!

Step3: Decorations!

I made polar bears with white fondant, here are the elements for the bodies:

Then I made penguins:

I hope my guests will like the cupcakes!

Polar bear Christmas cupcake

Polar bear cupcake with stars and cherries

Penguin Christmas cupcake

A more simple cupcake with a star decorated with red glitters:

Star cupcake with cherries
A total white cupcake covered with fondant with a simple white rose

White rose cupcake

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas tree card tutorial with ornaments and gifts!


 oday I wrapped the last gifts, now everything is ready under my Christmas tree, there is a really good atmosphere and Christmas is very close.
I am very proud and honored for all the pet portraits I painted, they are gifts that will be opened this Christmas all over the world, I've done my best to paint everything in time, it was a really crazy period for me (I painted also at night!) but it's my favourite period of the year, I love my work so much!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all my wonderful customers!!

I'd like to share with you another Christmas card I created for one of my best friend, it's quite simple to make but is really cute and can be personalized in the way you prefer. 

-light purple cardboard
-green cardboard
-brown paper ( I recycled a piece of brown wrapping)
-colored cardboards and ribbon as you prefer for the tree ornaments and the gifts (you can also use pieces of wrapping paper of your gifts)

1-Cut a rectangle 8,3"x11,6" from the purple cardboard and fold it in the middle

2-Fold the card in horizontal as in the image, 5,2" from the border

3-Draw the shape of an half Christmas tree as in the image:

4-Cut the tree shape:

5-Fold following the dotted line:

6-Fold downwards following the dotted line:

7- Open the card and bend the shape of the tree towards the inside:


8-Cut a tree shape from the green cardboard:

 and stick it on the purple tree shape of the card:

9-Add the vase made with the brown paper:

Now the funniest part!! You can add all the decorations you prefer, free your imagination!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tutorial: Christmas card with floral vase

I'd like to share another card I created for my friends' gifts, this one with a floral vase.

-green cardboard
-white cardboard
-red cardboard
-green felt
-if you want also rhinestones

1-Cut a rectangle 7"x7,8" from the green cardboard, this will be the card

2-To create the vase you need to make the base and the body, for the base cut 3 squares from the white cardboard 1,2"x1,2"

3-Fold the 3 squares along the dotted lines, to obtain a cross (you don't have to draw the lines, it's only to explain better the step)

4-Turn the square on the other side and fold also along the diagonal, make the same thing for all the 3 squares

5-I wrote numbers on the angles to explain this step, join 3 and 4 angles:

 6- then 1 and 2

you will obtain this shape

7-Fold the square in the middle

  8-Cut along the line as in the image:

9-Stick together the 3 shapes:

This is the base of the vase.

10-Repeat the steps from 3 to 6 with 4 bigger squares 3,2"x3,2" to create the body of the vase

11-Cut the shape as in the image:

You will obtain this shape:

12-Stick toghere the 4 shapes in this way:

This is the body of the vase.

13-Now you can stick all the parts to the card

14- To make the flowers cut 3 squares 1,2"x1,2" from the red cardboard, repeat the steps from number 3 to 7 and then cut the square like a heart, keeping the open side on top

15-Stick the 3 flowers in this way:

16-I added also leaves cut from green felt and red rhinestones

Enjoy the holidays!!