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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tutorial: Christmas card with floral vase

I'd like to share another card I created for my friends' gifts, this one with a floral vase.

-green cardboard
-white cardboard
-red cardboard
-green felt
-if you want also rhinestones

1-Cut a rectangle 7"x7,8" from the green cardboard, this will be the card

2-To create the vase you need to make the base and the body, for the base cut 3 squares from the white cardboard 1,2"x1,2"

3-Fold the 3 squares along the dotted lines, to obtain a cross (you don't have to draw the lines, it's only to explain better the step)

4-Turn the square on the other side and fold also along the diagonal, make the same thing for all the 3 squares

5-I wrote numbers on the angles to explain this step, join 3 and 4 angles:

 6- then 1 and 2

you will obtain this shape

7-Fold the square in the middle

  8-Cut along the line as in the image:

9-Stick together the 3 shapes:

This is the base of the vase.

10-Repeat the steps from 3 to 6 with 4 bigger squares 3,2"x3,2" to create the body of the vase

11-Cut the shape as in the image:

You will obtain this shape:

12-Stick toghere the 4 shapes in this way:

This is the body of the vase.

13-Now you can stick all the parts to the card

14- To make the flowers cut 3 squares 1,2"x1,2" from the red cardboard, repeat the steps from number 3 to 7 and then cut the square like a heart, keeping the open side on top

15-Stick the 3 flowers in this way:

16-I added also leaves cut from green felt and red rhinestones

Enjoy the holidays!!


  1. love the tutorial! visiting you from the playtime promo team :) great blog!


  2. Thank you Saralyn, I'm so happy that you like the tutorial!
    And thank you for visiting :)

  3. You are very good at what you do!! Thanks for following my blog I am now following back.


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