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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY: a cute Christmas card with polar bear!


 n these days I'm thinking about the Christmas gifts for my friends and I would like to create hand made special cards for them, I'm experimenting with the cardboard and I'd like to share my creations with you.
The first card I created has a cute polar bear dressed like Santa Claus that comes out of the card with a  three-dimensional effect.

Polar Bear Christmas greeting Card
You need:
- light blue, white and red cardboard
fine tip black marker
- double-sided adhesive tape

Step 1:
-First of all cut a rectangle 12"x 4" from the light blue cardboard, it's the base of your card.
-Draw on the white cardboard with a fine tip black marker the polar bear's head and with a pencil all the white parts and the tree shape. 
You can use my drawings:

-Cut all the shapes
-On the red cardboard draw and cut all the shapes for bear's slevees, gloves, Santa hat and two stripes for the body:

  Step 2:
 -Stick the two stripes with double-sided adhesive tape as shown in the image below and fold stripe 1 on stripe2:

- Fold stripe 2 on stripe 1 and so on until the end of the stripes


Stick the bear's sleeves and gloves with the tape:

his head and Santa hat:

Step 3:
Now you have all the decorations for your Christmas card and you can stick everything on the light blue cardboard:

Do you like the polar bear that comes out of the card wishing you "Happy Holidays"? Send greetings in this way, with a thing hand made by us, is how to donate a bit of time, so precious, to someone special for us.

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