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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tutorial: an idea to decorate Christmas packages

C hristmas is so close, in these days I'm doing all the gift packages for my friends, and I'm always looking for original ways to decorate them. I have some little cute garlands of wicker and I thought to use them.

An idea to decorate an important Christmas gift or to decorate the tree or to suspend with a ribbon on a window...

A little garland with a greeting written inside:


For the fist garland:
- a little garland
- dried ears or flowers
- gold, silver or red ribbon
- white cardboard
- red pen
- hot glue

For the second one I used also:
- beads
- fabric leaves ( or leaves cut out from green cardboard)

Step 1:
Draw the outline of the garland with a pencil and cut out 

Write a greeting on the cardboard ( or a name, a phrase...)

Stick it on the back of the garland with a spot of hot glue

Step 2:

Decorate garland with a ribbon and dried stuff as you prefer, stick everything with hot glue

Now you can use the garland to close a package!

Garlands can be decorated in many different ways, you can make all different to make all your friends feel special, another example:

I thought to gave the idea of holly using red beads.

Have fun with your packages!! 


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