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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My mint cake recipe...with a surprise!

I love mint and I think this cake is really delicious, and very simple to do.
And makes a beautiful effect when cutting...with its wonderful mint pastel color. It is perfect for a birthday!
If  you also love mint I suggest you to try it!
And I want to introduce you my little, cute, green dragon!

Here is my Mint Cake recipe:
For cake
3 eggs
1 jar of natural yogurt
important: jar will be used to measure all the ingredients
4 jars of flour
1/2 jar of seed oil
1/2 jar of mint syrup 
1 jar of coconut powder
1 packet of vanillin
1 packet of baking powder

For green icing
375g of icing sugar
green food coloring ( or yellow and blue to mix togheter to obtain green)
Preheat oven to 350 degree F (180 degree C).

In a large bowl beat 3 eggs until they are smooth and fluffy. 
Add 1 jar of natural yogurt and mix

Add 4 jars of flour and mix

Add 1/2 jar of mint syrup and mix togheter

Now the mixture have a beautiful green color!

Add 1/2 jar of seed oil

Add 1 jar of coconut powder and mix

Pour mixture into a round greased cake pan ( I used a 10"round cake pan). Bake at 350 degrees F(180 degree C) for 40-45 minutes or until done.  

Let the cake cool.

Meanwhile you can prepare the icing to cover the cake:

In a bowl pour 350g of icing sugar, add some drops of food coloring. Add slowly some water,
icing should not be too liquid.

 When the cake is cold you can cover it with icing.

Cake is ready but if you want you can decorate it, with candies, marshmallow, chocolate...Use your creativity!

You can also create a cute creature to decorate your cake, or flowers, hearts, pois... I thought to decorate my cake with a cute green dragon made with almond paste, a typical sicilian recipe, but also fondant is perfect to use, here is a recipe to make fondant:

Almond paste is made of almonds, sugar and water

I colored it with food colorings( yellow + blue to make green)

I modeled the dragon body, his head, his paws, his ears and his tail...

I added some details

And here is the finished dragon!

To make brown paste I added some chocolate powder.

Do you like mint?
Do you like this recipe?
Let me know if you tried it and what do you think!
Have fun with cooking!


  1. The little dragon is so sweet :D

  2. Gnam! very funny and it looks delicious ;)

  3. Adoro la menta e che simpatico questo drago!

  4. I love the mint cake and your dragon is adorable. Thank you for linking up!


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