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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's card with a sugar heart: tutorial

I  would like to show you a card sweet in every sense, because is for Valentine's day and is full of sugar candies!!

For this project you will need...

Valentine's card with a sugar heart


- Red cardboard
- Red felt (a little piece, a square about 3,7")
- Little colored sugar candies

- A plastic envelope
- Scissors
- Adhesive tape double sided
- Felt-tip pen (I used a silver one)

 Cut a rectangle 8" x 6" from red cardboard and fold it in half

 Using the heart below draw an heart on the front of your card

Cut out the heart

Cut a square 3,5" from a plastic envelope and fix it on the heart inside the card using bi-adhesive tape

Now you have a little heart shape "window" protected with plastic

Full it with little colored sugar candies!

Put all around the heart other bi-adhesive tape to attack a piece of felt

I have decorated my card also with a silver pen

And here is my sugary card...


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