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Friday, November 25, 2011

DIY: Christmas candles to decorate your home scourer

 want to show you some simple, but effective, proposals to decorate Christmas candles, also with a bit of recycling!
I use them as centerpieces or on shelves, and they always do a beautiful effect.

The project concerns:


»¦«-**-»¦« Materials:

- Glue water mission for gilding
- Gold Leaf Gilding
- Brush
- Candles
- Kitchen scourer

I had these red candles in my home, a little spoiled, that I wanted to recycle, but you can use the color you want.

I have applied the glue water mission all over the candle using the brush.

I let it dry for about half an hour, the glue becomes completely transparent.

Now begins the fun part, apply the gold leaf, we must be careful because it is very thin and fly from all sides!

I covered the entire candle with bits of gold leaf.

 With the dry brush I attacked the gold leaf and removed the pieces in excessive.

There are small cracks through which one sees the color of the candle, but I leave them, are part of the decoration, I like the effect that they make.

I inserted the candle in the kitchen scourer.

I added another decoration to the red candles, I used some red beads, all different, that I collected, and a piece of thin red wire.

I put the beads in the wire tying it to stop them.

I tied the wire to the kitchen scourer.

I hope you will enjoy this project!

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