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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas wooden house lamp...Completed!

ere is the final result!... My wooden house all decorated in pink and silver with a glitter touch!
This Christmas house that I have painted and decorated in soft pinks, white and silver is actually a lamp, which alone can give a touch of sweet Christmas atmosphere to any room, recreating a place full of romantic and fantasy!

I love pink and silver for Christmas!

It has an interior light that can be changed, a wire, a switch, a plug connected to the current.
It is 13,7” high, the base is 9,4”x 5,9”.

I made a lot of clay miniatures, I added beads, rhinestones and glitter to decor it:

The roof is completely covered with silver glitter, this makes a beautiful effect of light and brilliance:

The first time I turned it on  I was too happy with the result!


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