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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seals and Penguins Cake Toppers!

Today I would love to show you the cake toppers I modelled thinking about winter weddings, but are good for all seasons if you fall in love with them!! :)

First of all this seals cake topper!
This adorable couple of seals bride and groom are on their island of love, that is the cake topper base!

It is a snow base decorated with white roses and shaped to accomplish the two figurines, its diameter is 4,7” (12cm). Under the base is made of plastic that can stay in contact with food.

Seal bride is wearing a white skirt, a tiara with a tulle fixed with white roses, a bow with a crystal and also crystal earrings!

Seal groom has a tie and a black bowler hat.
Sizes: seals are about 2,2” tall and 3,5” from head to tail.

The protagonists of the second cake  topper are two cute penguins!
The snow base (4,7”-12cm) is full of glitter and has white flowers, every one with a crystal inside!
Figurines are not fixed to the base so you can choose to position them the way you like more.

Penguin groom has a black bow, is already elegant because penguins always wear a tuxedo!
Penguin bride has a tulle decorated with flowers and crystals and a precious bouquet!

Sizes: penguins are about 2,5” (6,5cm) tall and 2”(5,5cm) large.

A personalized banner with names and date complete both cake toppers. 

It was great fun to give life to these two cute couples!

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Here it is some pictures of the work in progress!

Penguins work in progress...


Seals work in progress..



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