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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hand made room box for 2 lovely, little bears!

his is a wood box that I have I turned into this lovely room for two little bears,a boy and a girl, as you can see it's very rich of details hand made with great love and care, from modelling clay. It is a work that requires patience and attention but I had lot of fun doing this!

 The image of the entire little bedroom:

Hand made roombox with bears

It's a prefect gift for a newborn baby, it can be hung on the wall( has two little hooks) in a nursery or in a child room, or put on display on a shelf, on a nightstand or a dresser...To give a touch of sweetness to a child's room, for a boy or a girl!
Or simply if you love it!

Some pictures of room's details:
The closet where hangs a sweet white dress, some toys, some towels, a hat, blue and pink shoes and a mini  white and blue onesie with a cap...

Bears closet!

The bed and the shelves with bottles and baby creams…

Bears bed!

This cute, lovely, unique, hand made creation is on sale in my Etsy shop:

Boxroom sizes:  8,5"x7"x1,57"

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