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Monday, July 11, 2011

Custom portrait of Lino…a very lively and playful dog !

hen the owner of Lino commissioned me his portrait, he told me what was happened to his dog, a Jack Terrier of 5 years.
They live in the country, so he left his dog roam free because he always came back home.
A day he saw him come home in very bad conditions, limping.
He immediately took to the vet and discovered that someone had poisoned him, fortunately he was able to save him, now Lino is happy and perfectly healthy!

Lino is a very lively and playful dog and he deserves to be able to ride safely in a world where there aren’t criminals who thrown poisoned meatballs in its path, it's a shame!! I have no words to describe this absurd cruelty!!

Lino playing with his ball...
Today his owner keeps him in house or in a protected courtyard and to celebrate his return home safe and sound, he has decided to commission a  portrait of his friend Lino.
He was very satisfied of the result, he chose a very important frame to decorate the portrait.

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