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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tom's portrait

he portrait of Tom represents a very emotional moment for me, I remember when his owner came to my studio here in Italy to bring me his photo, and she told me, through tears, that her beloved Tom was no longer alive, after many years toghether.

She said that now her house was empty and sad, because Tom was a loving dog, sweet and playful.
She wanted a portrait that forever remember her great friend, to keep at home and watch so that the memories become less painful over time and sweeter.
The sweetness was the main feature of Tom and I tried to stop it on the canvas with all my endeavors.
I knew I had succeeded when, in delivering to the customer, I saw her moved.

When our pets leave us, remains a great void and sadness, they gave us so much love asking little in return, they have filled the days of joy, were close to us, have filled our lives.
Much remains of the great love that they gave us, nothing is lost, their memory is within us, will always be part of our lives.
The task of the painter is to make this memory eternal stopping forever in canvas their portraits.

I painted Tom's portrait on canvas (12"x16") with acrylics, customer also decided for a wooden gold frame, I added also a gold plate with dog's name painted on it.

Sweet Tom

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