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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Custom Labrador portrait….Pegghy!

ello everyone, today is a beautiful summer day, my favorite time of the year, so I want to tell you a story that had, fortunately, a beautiful happy ending, something that happened exactly one year ago in this same period of the year.

When a dear friend of mine asked me to do a portrait of her Labrador retriever, Pegghy, as requested by her son, in my mind passed , like a flash, a wave of deep sorrow, fortunately already passed.
A few months before his eight year old son had a serious accident. He remained in a coma for several weeks and she had been afraid of losing him. When his son came home brought with him nightmares and night terrors.
It is at this point that Pegghy arrived, and with her contagious joy has become for him a true friend and dismissed his sadness and fears.

This is the photo, my friend showed me, of little Pegghy, in the farm where they have adopted her, she is the first from the left, is not just adorable?!

And all the other puppies ... I would adopt them all!
My friend told me that between the puppy Pegghy and his son was love at first sight, they have been immediately understood to belong to each other. With Pegghy in his life, he has overcome his fears and nightmares.

I painted Pegghy’s portrait on canvas (12”x16”) with acrylics.
The portrait was intended for her son's room, which is furnished with the colors blue and yellow, so I built a custom frame that fits perfectly to the style of the room ... modern and colorful!

Labrador portrait

It was not easy to create this frame but the end result in his room is perfect!
I added a shaped bone plate to the frame with dog’s name.

This event has strengthened my conviction that every child should grow up with a pet that teaches the true friendship that is always unselfish and loving
And this story of life with happy ending continues…:-)

If you also have a good story of friendship to tell and you love animals like me ,I would be delighted if you'd like to share it with me, thanks for your visit and for your comments!

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