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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hand painted room for a little princess

n Lucrezia’s room I had really fun, because I painted also fornitures and accessories, using always the same colors as base: light pink and fuchsia.

I painted the dresser with Lucrezia favorite characters , Dopey in three different poses, Hello Kitty, two puppies from 101 Dalmatians and Piglet in two different poses.

Hand painted dresser with Disney characters and Hello Kitty

On the left side Snow White near the well and on the right side Tinkerbell with bluebells

Snow White painted on the dresser

Tinkerbell painted on the dresser

On the dresser there are a lot of frames, including a Tinkerbell frame hand painted by me, an Hello Kitty lamp and a mirror. Frame is always light pink and fuchsia with two Tinkerbell, it sizes 8”x10”

Hand painted Tinkerbell frame

Hand painted mirror
Mirror’s details:

I painted also the hanger with Hello Kitty and dalmatians…

I painted the shelves alternating light pink and fuchsia...

The final result is very romantic, charming, tender and fabulous, reflects the personality of Lucrezia. I received many compliments and this work has been a source of great satisfaction for me.

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