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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lucrezia's mural inspired by Disney's characters


his is a custom order of a personalized mural inspired by Disney’s characters.
One of my passions is painting murals for children's rooms, when I paint a mural I think to the room but  especially to the person for whom I have to realize it.
So when a young mother commissioned me a mural for the room of her daughter, Lucrezia, I realized that it was necessary to create a magic environment.
Lucrezia, 5 years, is a real princess, she loves pretty, lovely, glittering objects, she loves pink, fuchsia, lilac, especially loves the princesses.

I added a touch of glitter to the wings of Tinkerbell and her dress, to the stars, to Snow White coat and Cinderella dress...

At the head of Lucrezia bed, I created a magical world populated by characters that she loves, where Disney princesses live with Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty ,Piglet, Dopey and one of the 101 dalmatians!

 Snow White with fawns...

Cinderella with Hello Kitty and Piglet!

A fantasy tree...

Tinkerbell is holding a long ribbon, assisted by birds, on which is written the name "Lucrezia"...

We painted the walls of the room alternately pink and fuchsia.

Mural is hand painted with acrylics, and is 60” wide. (1,5 meter)

And some pictures of the work in progress...

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