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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Custom dog portrait of Ricky

his portrait was commissioned me by the owners of Ricky, husband and wife, it was a memorial portrait, they desired it to celebrate their loved dog, to remember him forever and preserve his memory in time.

The lady wanted me to use this photo for the portrait of Ricky because she is particularly fond of it. She had taken it on a balcony of a hotel in the mountains, where they were for summer holidays.
It was difficult to take the photo because Ricky behaved like a spiteful child, and he did not want to sit still! He was very funny!

I painted it on canvas (12”x16”) with acrylics.
They have a very elegant and classic house with antique furniture so they chose a dark brown frame with two golden lines handmade with gold leaf.

Yorkshire portrait

They chose a white background to highlight only the dog, I added a gold plate with dog’s name.

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