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Friday, July 8, 2011

Custom dog portrait of Pelo…a white maltese

he portrait of Pelo,lively maltese dog, was commissioned by a client who contacted me after seeing some of my dog portraits that I had exposed.
Pelo is customer sister's dog, he is much loved and pampered, she chose this name beause he is a cloud of white fur!!! (Pelo is an italian word that means fur in English).

Maltese portrait

Customer gave me so many photos of their beloved Pelo, I chose to concentrate my attention on these three: 

My favourite is this one:

It shows a ball of white fur with cunning eyes
Maltese is a proud and elegant dog, in the past a mouse hunter on ships, and now a lively and happy companion dog.

I painted Pelo on canvas (12”x16”) with acrylics, customer chose a gradient background that fits in with the colors of her sister’s house and a gold frame.
I added also a gold plate with dog’s name to customize even more the portrait.

The client made ​​me many compliments (thaks!!), I was very happy, because it was challenging to make to make the effect of all that white fur on the canvas, the portrait was a very appreciated gift for her sister.

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