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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My experience as a wedding planner: "Sex and the city" decorations for centerpiece

I 'm creating all the decorations for a movie theme wedding that will be celebrated on June 30.
My idea is to make wooden hand painted shapes inspired to bride and groom favourite movies, attack sticks and insert them in the flower centerpieces on each table.
I drew the shapes in pencil on wood and I cut them. 
I painted the shapes with white acrylic plaster to create a suitable base for painting.
Here are some shapes inspired to four different movies:

You will understand later what movies are! :) Or maybe you already knew!

The first shapes I have prepared are for the movie "Sex and the city" for the table of bride's friends from university.

I painted the cosmopolitan cocktail and the "Manolo Blahnik Something Blue"!
I will insert them in the flower centerpieces made of purple and white roses.

I painted also the back of each shapes:

See you soon with other movies!

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  1. Gorgeous idea, I admire this couple and the movie theme for their wedding!
    I'll been waiting for you to unveil what the other shapes are hiding :D


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