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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Butterfly award!


~♥~ I received this award from

Thank you Lluvia!!
I'm so happy that you chose me!!
In order to accept this award I must answer these questions: 
Q1) Name your favorite color? Purple, lilac 
Q2) Name your favorite song?  Where the streets have no name- U2
Q3) Name your favorite dessert?  Pistachio ice cream

Q4) What annoys you at the moment? Winter is starting...

Q5) Your favorite pet?  My loved dog, my best friend

Q6) Black or White?  Zebra

Q7) Your biggest fear? Something happens to the people I love

Q8) Best Feature? My green eyes

Q9) Everyday attitude? Life is short, live your dreams
Q10) What is perfection?  Love
Q11) Guilty Pleasure?  Pizza!

Q12) When you're upset you?  Listening to my favourite songs

I have decided to pass these award to Kathryn, I absolutely love her beautiful, cute, funny stuffed creatures!!
You can meet her creatures at

Kathryn, now you can give this award to anybody you think is worthy. 
Then link back here and don't forget to paste the award to your blog.  
And dont forget in order to accept the award you have to answer the questions, they're fun!


  1. Thanks so much!!! I just found this; how exciting! I just posted it on my blog (with my answers). Now I've got to figure out who to send it on to!


  2. You deserve it!! I give a look to your blog!! :)


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