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Monday, October 3, 2011

It is autumn, time to grape harvest and “Sughi”!! ( a delicious recipe…)

n my region, Emilia Romagna, it’s time to grape harvest. 

Farm wagons full of grapes go to wineries for pressing and processing into Lambrusco, a typical wine of this area.

At this time of harvest, for generations, grapes are squeezed in farmhouses also to do a traditional grapes juice pudding, called “Sugo”(plural: "sughi").
Grapes are well washed and grains squeezed to obtain grape juice.

This is my grandmother recipe, that my mother follow, as she taught her.
I love the colors of this recipe: the beautiful purple of the grape juice, the bright colors of the grapes, are perfect to start autumn…

First of all grape juice is placed in a bowl.

•´¯`*♥*´¯`•The secret is: to each glass of grape juice correspond a flour spoon, so you have to count how many juice glasses there are and add the same number of flour spoons.

Gradually add the juice to the flour, stirring all the time not to form lumps.
You can also add some sugar, but if the grape juice is sweet, like this year, it’s not necessary.

I love this mix of colors!

Wonderful purple!!

This mixture is poured into a steel pan and cooked over low heat, always stirring with a wooden spoon.

When it boils, is cooked.
With a ladle is poured into dishes, bowls and mugs.

Leave it to cool.
Then it keeps in the fridge for a week, but I have never achieved this record, they have always been eaten first!
For me it’s the taste of autumn, taste and color of my land, that makes me feel the weight of lost things.

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