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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A very romantic and unique gift for a wedding anniversary!

I have a customer who tomorrow celebrates 10 years of marriage and she had a very original and romatic idea to celebrate it!
She asked me to paint a mural on the ceiling of their bedroom, so her husband will see it lying down on the bed. 
She wanted a big heart pierced by an arrow, a phrase from their favorite Italian song and a dedication.
I showed her some scketch from which se had chosen her favourite heart.
I have painted it yesterday with the complicity of her sister and we sent photos to the bride.

It has been a real challenge for me to paint on the ceiling!

I always painted murals on vertical walls, it's very strange painting so close to a surface,  the position was really uncomfortable :)...balancing on a ladder with my head bent backwards! But the customer, and I also, were super happy with the result and this is the most important thing!

Here is the heart:

The best thing is that her husband knows nothing, they went to the sea to celebrate and they will came back home next Monday, mural will be a big surprise for him!

The phrase means:

...There you are and I illuminate...
I love you with all my heart
          yours Angela

What do you think of this idea? 
Do you love surprises or not? ;)

Happy anniversary!!!

In this period I'm very busy with a lot of cake toppers order,  when I'll have just a little time I will post all the photos from the movie theme wedding, it has been a real success!!

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