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Monday, July 30, 2012

Real wedding: seating chart and table decorations for the movie themed wedding

t's time to share some pictures from the movie themed wedding I organized last month!

 Weddin location was a beautiful villa in the country in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy

  Here was the how I realized the seating chart and this is the final result in the wedding hall:

Bride and groom decided to chose a movie to decor each table.
For each table I made a centerpiece, a little frame with the plot of the movie and a plaque with the title, all in purple!!

Bride and groom table
"Gone with the wind", bride's favourite movie:

 So romantic!

"Sex and the City" table:

"Pulp Fiction" table:

"Modern Time" table:

"Pretty Woman" table:

"Stand By Me" table, groom's favourite movie:

"The Gladiator" table:

"Titanic" table with the heart of the ocean:

"Kill Bill" table:

"Back to the Future" table with the DeLorean with purple flowers and tulle! (I made it with paper mache and I painted it with metallic silver acrylic)

 "The Untouchables" table:

"2001 Space Odissey" table:

"The Departed" table:

"Million Dollar Baby" table:

"Far and Away" table.
Ok, here I have to explain... in Italy this movie title has been translated "Rebel hearts", I wanted to represent it in a funny way so I made two rebel hearts...two hearts full of tattoos... :) Ok, in short I do not know why I came to do so... :) but the bride loved it!!

"The Pursuit of Happyness" table:

"Blade Runner" table with the unicorn origami:

 "The Shawshank Redemption" table, in Italy title has been translated "Wings of freedom" so I made two cute purple wings...I know they are not very suitable for a film set in prison...but for a wedding!

"Into the Wild" table:

What do you think of this couple movie themed tables?
Bride and groom and all their guests loved the decorations, it was really a success, I'm so happy to have fulfilled all their wishes in their special day. It was a big satisfaction and great joy for me, after all that work.

Of corse could not miss the cake topper and the guestbook!!
They asked me for a different cake topper compared to those which are in my Etsy shop, they wanted me to make two figurines inspired by their own, but in a more cute way, with the same dresses and accessories.
I will show you everything on my next post!

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